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city hobgoblin

content dump

4/19/13 12:43 pm

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11/17/11 08:15 pm

i know lj isn't tumblr but this gif deserves its own post

thing of beauty, jerry is the comic sans of the park department, etc.

eta: also community was a return to form, funniest episode of the season by faaaaaar.

8/17/11 11:22 pm

when i go home i talk to my brother about ponies and my parents role their eyes and my brother and i are like STFU U DON'T WATCH IT JUST SHUT UP

7/21/11 08:57 am

So where should I live in Portland?

7/19/11 04:33 pm

Thinking of applying for a community organizer position in Iowa, what is life? But I have experience! And the position pays 26k/year; really would be living the high life in Des Moines.

What if I moved back to Iowa, what about that? I just really want to do nonprofit work :/ I just applied for a more interesting job in Virginia as a LEED for Homes associate for a nonprofit.

maybe I just need a job and who cares where tbh

7/12/11 11:41 pm

sup lj. if you can't tell by my tumblr I LOVE CHILDRENS HOSPITAL

watching every episode rn

7/9/11 11:25 pm

Saw Kristie for the last time before her big move to Florida :C :C :C It's hard finding silly, cat-loving vegan friends who are into architecture, you know. Krystan better not leave me.

Also, I just made this gif, and it is fucking killing me every time I look at it.

Is it weird that I have a crush on Jon Benjamin? I have a crush on Jon Benjamin. He is old and short and tubby but idc. He is amazing. The butt on his van. I can't. It's amazing.

I can't help but always picture

any time he talks. Also is Archer funny? I watched the first episode or two and couldn't get into it but it's on Netflix I think so time to give it another shot.

6/29/11 03:23 pm

i feel like my face is rotting off, it's so red and flaky and painful. apparently the same thing happened to my aunt because of a fluoride allergy, and i just started using fluoride, so i'm hoping it'll go away if i stop. idk though i think it's the eczema.

need to see a derm asap, why do they cost so much? i'm off insurance for a month and it sucks because i delayed going to the doctors while i was busy with school and now i'm overdue for checkups (dentist, gyno, regular doctor, etc.) and uuuuuuugh. i just want insurance :(

6/28/11 10:52 pm

MISFITS, what the fuck. Every episode is more nuts than the last. This episode has time-traveling vigilantes and magic tattoos! "You want some? Dry roasted!" "AW, SO BUTCH!" Nathan and Simon are amazing in this episode. lmao and careless whisper, i was dying. THIS SHOW IS AMAZING

and confident future simon is kinda hot idk

6/28/11 02:46 pm

well i fucking blew that. why am i so awkward on the phone???
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